MODULE foresight

See what the future holds

Foresight helps you discover new potential, possible future scenarios and
identify your innovation needs. Supported by sound data and artificial intelligence.

Module overview AnyIdea, platform and software for innovation. Module Foresight.
Foresight Trends and Trend Management.

Trends and the relevance of future developments

Secure your competitive edge

Foresight gives you access to over >52,000 mega, macro, micro trends.
With easy scouting and trend management, you discover relevant trends, identify their potential and find new opportunities for your business in no time.

trends in the team

Use the opinion of important
stakeholders and experts to better assess the importance of trends.

Foresight, trends and trend management. Work in a team with trends.

You have the overview
- Trend portfolio

In the trend portfolio you can see when trends will become important for you, their potential and your own competence in relation to them.

Foresight and innovation strategy. Working with trends, trend management and trend portfolio.

Stay up-to-date

AnyIdea Foresight scouts for you completely automatically. We inform you every week about new trends and developments.

Foresight, trends and data. Stay up-to-date.

From data
and signals to
data-driven insights

AnyIdea Foresight aggregates millions of data sets from various sources, continuously and completely automated. These are intelligently processed with machine learning technologies and you can base your decisions on 100% data-driven insights.

StartUps and ScaleUps
Research projects
Scientific publications
Use information to your competitive advantage. Supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Use information
to your competitive advantage

AnyIdea Foresight networks all data and evaluates it individually in relation to your company and your requirements.

Turn data into valuable knowledge! Use this to identify undiscovered potential and stay one step ahead of the competition.

With artificial intelligence
recognise what will be important in the future

Gain valuable insights and new knowledge. With our powerful AI Layer, you can identify correlations and get an AI Prio Score to assess the relevance of trends and data for your business.

Foresight and strategic innovation management supported by the use of new machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence.
Achieve the impossible through the use of new machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence.

Achieving the impossible

With the help of sound data and powerful artificial intelligence
you get clear insights.

Reduce costs through digitalised innovation processes and new technologies.

Reduce costs

Through automated
data scouting, continuous data preparation and analysis.

Save time with automated workflows that eliminate tedious routine tasks.

Save time

With the support of highly
efficient AI algorithms, you can
concentrate on the essentials.

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Define your
innovation needs

Align the results of the scouting and foresight process with the corporate strategy and define your innovation search fields.

Define strategic search fields, innovation fields.

Take a look
into the future

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