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Set your sights on upcoming trends, get valuable ideas
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Innovation in Human Resources and Human Resource Management

See what the future brings

Find new opportunities and important developments with the help of trends, sound data and modern artificial intelligence.

Identify relevant trends

Research important trends and use everyone's opinion to identify future developments.

Recognise connections

Access well-founded data, e.g. start-ups, patent or research projects, etc. and keep an overview.

Using artificial intelligence

With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can better assess the relevance of topics.

Efficiently driving opportunities forward

Recognise new opportunities and see potential. Actively pursue and develop them.

Trends and trend management with artificial intelligence. Recognising the relevance of trends
Ideation, innovation challenges and campaigns in product management. Understanding what customers want

Understanding what employees want

Gather everyone around your concern at the touch of a button, have an open ear and get new inspiring approaches and ideas.

Activation of all employees

Involve your customers and get first-hand requirements and needs.

Top Insights and Information

Activate colleagues with direct customer contact and get valuable input to optimise your product.

Being in the know

With multimedia data such as videos, you have the best possible insight and can develop ideas together.

Innovation, Co-Creation, Open Innovation

Open up to the outside world and let colleagues, advisors, experts and outsiders be creative and innovative.

Know what to do

Identify the potential of ideas based on the visualised results and continue with the most promising approaches.

Trends clearly visible

See what is well received, important and promising based on the opinions of your idea providers.

Identify relevance and scope

Let your stakeholders, decision-makers and experts evaluate specifically according to individually defined criteria and get the necessary basis for decision-making.

Potentials are visualised

AnyIdea automatically classifies the results of the evaluations and clearly visualises potentials for you in a portfolio.

Targeted implementation

Prioritise issues based on results and potential. Develop ideas further and take the next steps in a targeted manner.

Innovation Management, Realisation Module. Recognising and implementing ideas with potential

AnyIdea for Human Resources

Efficient work with trends and signals
Continuous personnel and organisational development
Innovation Challenges
Idea campaigns
Problem definition & solution finding
Direct CIP feedback channel
Market survey and needs assessment
Co-creation with staff and externals
Open Innovation Initiatives
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