Innovation management platform

Collaborative &
Innovation Management

AnyIdea supports innovation managers with small teams and limited resources to develop a vibrant innovation culture. And drive innovation as effectively as Siemens, Amazon & Co.

Collaborative innovation management in a team
Forecast module and AI-supported trend analysis

How do you keep an eye on trends?

AnyIdea gives you access to over > 52,000 mega, macro, micro trends. Startups, research projects, technologies, patents and scientific publications. Backed by solid data and artificial intelligence. At your fingertips.

So you do scouting and trend management on a level that is otherwise only possible for huge teams.

"With the ability to launch a wide variety of idea campaigns directly from your own innovation search fields & future scenarios, AnyIdea is a unique way to digitize the innovation process end-to-end."

AnyIdea Reference ProActive Patrick Rammerstorfer
Patrick Rammerstorfer
CEO, Pro Active GmbH
Foresight with trends, data and artificial intelligence
Motivate employees for innovation and open innovation
Social Features for Open Innovation

How do you activate your colleagues?

With AnyIdea, you make it easy for your colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners to actively participate. Submit ideas via web, QR code, email or app. Interact with likes, comments or idea rankings.

So you need fewer workshops and emails and instead use a social platform for 24/7 open innovation.

"We were very impressed by the dedication, flexibility and inventiveness of our staff."

AnyIdea Reference Fundermax
Gernot Schöbitz
CEO, Fundermax
Efficient workflows and automation

How many campaigns do you do a year?

With AnyIdea, you can create appealing innovation challenges and idea campaigns in no time at all and communicate them to an unlimited number of participants. Operation is maximally visual and intuitive. Many workflows and routine activities are automated.

This way,
even teams with limited resources can run open innovation and ideation like Amazon, Siemens & Co.

"It doesn't matter whether we are looking for creative recruiting ideas or new application areas for technologies. Everyone is involved and can actively contribute. This is received extremely positively and makes us more creative, powerful and efficient as a company."

AnyIdea reference mogree Cloudflight Sulejman Ganibegovic
Sulejman Ganibegovic
CEO, mogree | a cloudflight company
Efficient innovation management with workflows and automation
Vibrant and open culture of innovation

Like Gen X, Y, and Z

Bulky innovation management not accepted by GenZ

Communication via e-mails

Ideation in selective workshops

Innovations are created in the innovation department

Little transparency

Unmotivated and passive employees and partners

Open and vibrant culture of innovation

Communication via social features

Ideation around the clock on an open, digital platform

Innovation works decentrally, the entire organization participates

Trends, rankings, ideas, comments are always available to all on demand

Everyone is involved, feels motivated and seen

A platform for efficient innovation management

Everything innovation managers need. No more and no less.

Foresight, trends and innovation management

Automated trend scouting

Trend analysis with artificial intelligence

Identify and analyze potential with data support

Trend evaluation in the team

Continuous updates on trends and new signals

Identify innovation needs

Derive and define search fields

Ideation, CoCreation and Open Innovation

Promote engagement and interaction

Enable easy participation

Innovation Challenges

Idea campaigns

Co-creation with customers and suppliers

Problem definition & solution finding

Market survey and needs assessment

Open Innovation


Innovation management Implementation of projects

Prioritize ideas

Ranking based on interactions and popularity

Set individual evaluation criteria

Involve external experts and stakeholders

Visualize the potential of ideas

Turning ideas into projects

Communicate project progress to the team

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