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You only pay for what really creates value for you.
Ideation & Realization
How many ideas do you plan to come up with in a year?
With AnyIdea, you do not pay for user licenses, but only for ideas received. Your idea quota is renewed annually and can be flexibly exceeded.
Users, campaigns, comments and messages,
evaluations, projects, workflows and automations
3 hours
Personal support and setup advice
per month
Enterprise Plan
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How many AI scouts should keep an eye on relevant signals for you?
An AI scout continuously collects, analyzes and evaluates millions of data and trends on a topic defined by you. How many AI Scouts should become active for you?
What data and signals should your AI scouts analyze?
>52,000 trends, scanning, scouting, preparation & analysis, relevance calculation etc.
Relevant startups, scaleups and potential collaboration partners.
Coming soon
Patents, scientific publications, research projects, news etc.
per month
Enterprise Plan
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Your individual offer
AnyIdea Core
Social features, automated communications, on-the-fly product updates, gamification, workflows and automation.
  • 3 hours
    personal support
  • Help Center and Resources
Ideation and realisation
  • 500 ideas
  • Unlimited: Users, campaigns, comments and messages, evaluations, projects, workflows and automations.
  • Search fields
  • 5 x AI scouts: on duty for you 24/7
  • Data:
Your investment
in the future
per month
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per month
Anyidea Core
Communication, updates, gamification, automation
Free of charge
Ideation and realisation
Trial: 10 ideas
Free of charge
500 ideas
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300,-/ month
Enterprise Plan
Number of Foresight Profiles: 5
450,-/ month
Enterprise Plan
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Number of Foresight Profiles: 5
550,-/ month
Enterprise Plan
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"After the introduction of AnyIdea, an extremely lively and agile culture of innovation has developed. Many colleagues are now happy to get involved and very actively and provide ideas."
AnyIdea reference mogree Cloudflight Sulejman Ganibegovic
Sulejman Ganibegovic
CEO, mogree | a cloudflight company
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You want to see AnyIdea first? We understand. Start your first campaigns and manage up to 10 ideas for free. Also use the AI trend analysis with our Foresight module for 2 weeks with unlimited trend feeds.


All features
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1x AI Scout, Trends & Startups
14 days access


10 ideas
unlimited time

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Questions about packages and prices

You need special customizations, single sign-on, AD connection, more AI scouts or ideas. You are interested in an individual CI branding?


We have made provisions and have answers for you

How does the free trial phase work?

In the Trial Phase, you can test the Ideation and Realization module of AnyIdea in its entirety with up to 10 ideas. Completely without obligation and without time limit. The Foresight module is also available to you in full - but limited to 14 days.

Can I also invite colleagues during the trial phase?

Of course, you can invite other colleagues and share AnyIdea. This is the best way to get the most out of AnyIdea. Invite other colleagues in the portal via the menu item "User".

What if I need more than 10 ideas or more time?

Feel free to let us know and write to us at We can answer your questions in a joint video call and give you some more ideas and time.

Are there user licences at AnyIdea?

No, there are no user licenses with AnyIdea! Not for any of our modules.
The module "Ideation and Realization" is 100% performance-based. Only the ideas you actually receive are taken into account. Everything else is available to you unlimited.
The module "Foresight" is based on millions of data (100% data-driven) and is supported by a state-of-the-art AI. You can flexibly choose which data is relevant for you e.g. trends, startups etc. and how many AI scouts you would like to have as support at your side.

What if I get too many ideas?

There is no such thing as too many ideas :-) The ideas contained in the packages can be exceeded flexibly and without restriction. Your scouts and idea providers will always be able to send their ideas without any problems. You will not lose any ideas!

When do I get new ideas?

The ideas included in the packages always refer to 12 months. After the 12 months have expired, they are reset to zero or refilled.

Can I also use modules separately, individually?

Yes, this is possible. Select what you need on the pricing page and click on quote. We will get back to you and will be happy to tailor the packages to your needs.

Can I change the packages during the term?

In the Ideation and Realization modules, it is possible to switch to a next larger package at any time during the runtime or to a smaller package at the end of the runtime.
In the Foresight module, it is possible to add additional data or more AI scouts at any time during the runtime or to remove them at the end of the runtime.

How is the account settled?

It is billed annually. The respective package price is due in advance when signing the offer or ordering online.

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