MODULE realisation

Recognise the potential of ideas

The Realisation module helps you to see what is important. You can prioritise ideas accordingly
and take the next steps with informed decisions.

Platform and software for innovation. Module Realisation of AnyIdea
Ideation and identifying ideas with potential.

Identify popular and hotly debated ideas

Benefit from active participation

With the social features in AnyIdea, your scouts can favour, contribute and share ideas. See popular ideas, trends and make use of the opinions and assessments of your idea providers.

Likes for ideas as the first important indicator for the popularity of ideas with idea providers

Popular ideas with heart

See which ideas are most supported by
the community

Discussions and comments on ideas in an idea campaign are actively encouraged.

Interaction and exchange

Which ideas are discussed and developed further at
the idea providers

Recognise tendencies of trends

Recognise trends

Collect ideas through likes and
interactions - points that give you
an initial assessment.

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Have stakeholders and experts evaluate

Make well-founded assessments

Define individual evaluation criteria for campaigns and invite experts. Provide insight into the results and decision-making for all stakeholders.

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Ideation and the evaluation of ideas with Slider.

Choose evaluation criteria flexibly

Depending on the orientation
of your campaign, set the criteria for
evaluating ideas.

Flexibly select evaluation criteria for ideas in the innovation process.

Seeing the potential
of ideas

In each idea you will see the opinion
of your idea providers and the results
of the evaluation visually presented.

Recognising the potential of ideas and classifying ideas

Ideas portfolio
freely design

Define your ideas portfolio
according to your requirements - axes, quadrants and classifications.

Ideation, campaigns and idea portfolio with evaluated ideas

The result of
campaigns at a glance

Ideas are clearly classified and visualised in the portfolio. You receive an overview of all ideas and their potential based on the evaluation.
Benefit from the automatic classification of ideas and make informed decisions regarding further steps and implementation.

Ideation, idea campaigns, challenges and ideas
Turn promising ideas into projects with AnyIdea

Go into implementation and start projects

Turn promising ideas into projects and secure your lead over the competition.

Classify ideas and control the implementation of projects.
For example, incremental ideas with a lot of potential and little effort can be scheduled faster than radical ideas (reduction of lead time).

Gather all stakeholders around the project. This will ensure that everyone is informed about the latest developments and progress of the project.

All ideas and projects
at a glance

See the progress of individual projects according to classification.
You have an overview of all innovation projects in your company. You know which projects are going well and where there might be delays.

Innovation software for holistic innovation and processes

Bring your next
innovations to market

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Module overview AnyIdea, platform and software for innovation. Module Realisation of AnyIdea

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