Ideas of today
are the successes of tomorrow

Empower employees, suppliers, customers and partners.
Enable them to be innovative and actively participate.

Innovation Platform Software for Innovation Management, Ideation Module

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Use AnyIdea for a variety of use cases.
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Innovation Challenges
Business Development
Idea campaigns
Product development
Problem definition & solution finding
Co-creation with customers and suppliers
Market survey and needs assessment
Open Innovation
Continuous improvements

With campaigns to new innovations

Design meaningful and appealing campaigns.
Determine whether they are closed or open to external parties and adapt the process to your needs.

Invite unlimited participants and your campaign is live - digitally, available worldwide and always accessible to everyone.

Ideation and creation of an idea campaign or challenge

Get valuable ideas,
without any barriers

Offer your idea generators all possibilities to send ideas - via QR code, mail, online, mobile or apps. Completely anonymous, as a guest or personally with name.

Ideation, idea campaign, overview and KPIs
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Save time

Automated workflows relieve
and eliminate routine activities.

Increase participation with AnyIdea

Increase participation

Ease of use and social
features encourage interaction and motivate.

Increase acceptance with AnyIdea

Increase acceptance

Continuous communication
creates the necessary transparency.

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Comments and discussion of ideas in the team.

Commitment, motivation and transparency


With the comment function at campaign and idea level, everyone can easily exchange information, e.g. on campaign updates, discussions on ideas and much more. AnyIdea automates all communication and notifications and frees you from tedious routine tasks.

Enable interaction

Increase interaction in campaigns with social elements like likes, comments, updates, or ideas ranking.

Interaction in the innovation process in idea campaigns. Social media features

Inspire with inspiration

Easily inspire your idea creators with relevant trends within a campaign and get them thinking about new ideas.

Inspiration from idea generators in a campaign based on trends

Promote through gamification

Offer incentives for good ideas and motivate with the integrated gamification logic in AnyIdea.

Gamification in the innovation process, motivation and transparency

Recognize ideas with potential

Find promising ideas based on likes received, points and their rank.
Rank them by relevance and have them evaluated by stakeholders and experts.

Ideas Ranking and recognising the potential of ideas.

Enable your entire
organisation to be innovative

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AnyIdea Software for Innovation Management. Ideation module.

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