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mogree | Intrapreneurship and ideas competitions

Company and history

Digitalisation and innovation are firmly anchored at mogree. The company helps its clients to think in new ways and to use creative potential. Internally, the company is particularly committed to ensuring that colleagues continue to develop and learn.

mogree has been developing digital products and services since 2007. Based in Linz, more than 50 experienced digital experts realise a wide variety of projects that have won national and international awards. Strategy, design and technology are united under one roof at mogree.

In the area of strategy, the company advises its clients on digital transformation, business model development and the scaling of business models. Design is an essential strategic instrument here. Creation, conception as well as UI/UX and MVPs are part of the services here. On the technical side, mogree covers everything needed to develop digital products and services individually and scalably: Mobile and Web Apps, Voice Services, IoT and Connected Services, as well as Backend Solutions, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and services. In addition, mogree ensures that its customers' digital products and services are always up to date. With quality management, ongoing optimisations and updates, tech and trend scouting and proactive support, mogree offers comprehensive services.

With digital solutions, mogree lets its customers stand out in the digital future. Always one step ahead through agility. Clients also benefit from the external perspective and experience gained from working with different companies, organisations and industries.

The goal

In order to remain modern and competitive as a company, it is not only important to continuously improve internally and to react to new challenges. It is essential to actively and quickly pick up on changes in the market, trends, new technologies and digital business models and to develop ideas and innovations based on them. This is where all colleagues are needed at mogree! They are the best source of ideas. At mogree, several campaigns on various topics have already been launched with AnyIdea. AnyIdea is used centrally in the company for overarching topics, and decentrally and autonomously in the individual teams for more specific topics and ongoing optimisations. In this way, colleagues remain constantly active and are encouraged to be innovative and creative. This promotes an active culture of innovation.

We want to set a good example with our digital and modern culture of innovation and encourage other companies and organisations to do the same.

- mogree

The advantages

AnyIdea was developed so that organisations and teams can easily become more innovative. SMEs in particular are to be supported with the digital solution. AnyIdea fulfils exactly this purpose at mogree. Despite flexible working hours and home offices, colleagues can be innovative at any time. When a new campaign, i.e. a digital idea competition, starts, everyone receives an automated e-mail notification and a request to send in their ideas. Once the first ideas are available, the colleagues start liking and commenting on each other's ideas. This makes being creative fun. At the same time, the digital competition of ideas with employees promotes the company's culture of innovation. The popularity of the ideas can be seen on the leaderboard. This creates an exciting competition and encourages interaction, which loosens up the daily work routine a bit. Through the projects that emerge from the top ideas, colleagues work together in different teams. This enables Intrapreneurship and promotes cooperation.

The procedure

Whether for designing a more pleasant everyday office life, for developing innovative solutions or simply for brainstorming on a current topic - AnyIdea is used in all areas at mogree.

In one of the digital idea competitions with staff, which was launched in view of the Covid-19 developments in May 2020, ideas were sought for approaches to a new way of working. All colleagues were invited to express their ideas, perceptions and opinions. In addition to new working models and working methods, the topic of work-life balance was also to be taken into consideration. The "new way of working" campaign ran for three weeks. Valuable ideas were generated. Colleagues also liked and commented on each other's ideas. This ensured a lively exchange and a lot of input for the concept development. The ideas ranged from a digital nomad existence to a 4-day week and squad-specific office days to professional socialising. Other promising ideas suggest agile core hours and maximum flexibility.

The result

The first campaign was launched in November 2019. In total, mogree has conducted 12 digital idea competitions with employees since then. These included CIP campaigns, a campaign for green innovations and a trend campaign. For example, they collected ideas for Mother's Day gifts, for social events and for a better CO2 footprint in the office. But more complex undertakings were also implemented with AnyIdea. One campaign involved the topic "Ideas for internal business cases". New business areas were sought that could be implemented with existing technologies. With the 12 campaigns in total, over 244 ideas were generated. These ideas have received over 800 likes so far and almost 600 evaluations have been conducted. In addition, mogree has an ongoing, continuous idea boxwith AnyIdea.

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