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See what the future holds, identify new potential and tap into it. Supported by state-of-the-art AI and based on millions of data.

Successful innovation management with structured and digitalised processes. Overview of modules in AnyIdea
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Data-Driven Insights

Discover new potentials based on trends and sound data. Identify possible future scenarios supported by artificial intelligence and derive your innovation needs.


Scientific publications
Research projects etc.

"The AI-supported discovery of relevant trends and other important data is already a great feature. And with the resulting possibility to start various idea campaigns directly from your own innovation search fields & future scenarios, AnyIdea is a unique possibility to digitalise the innovation process end-to-end."

AnyIdea Reference ProActive Patrick Rammerstorfer
Patrick Rammerstorfer
CEO, Pro Active GmbH
Foresight with trends, sound data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
Innovation with AnyIdea, Ideation and Idea Campaigns.
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Innovation, Co-Creation, Open Innovation

Get fresh ideas, solutions to problems and suggestions on concrete topics. Activate your entire organisation and enable employees, customers, suppliers, partners and external parties to be innovative. At any time and in any place. Because today's ideas are tomorrow's innovations and successes.

Diverse ideation use cases

Product development
Continuous improvement
Business Development
Innovation Challenges, Ideathons
Market survey, needs assessment

"We were very impressed by the commitment, flexibility and inventiveness of our employees. We are surprised how many very good ideas were entered in such a short time. Please keep up the good work!"

AnyIdea Reference Fundermax
Gernot Schöbitz
CEO, Fundermax
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Identify potential
and prioritise

Harness the opinion of your idea generators and let your stakeholders evaluate. Identify potential, be a first mover and secure decisive competitive advantages.

"The ideas portfolio provides a holistic overview and you can take next steps with informed decisions."

Merkur Insurance Logo
Dusan Urban
Head of Innovation & Strategy, Merkur Versicherung AG
Recognition of relevant ideas, sound and structured implementation

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AnyIdea software for idea and innovation management. Overview modules

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A platform, smart automation
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Save time

Automated workflows
relieve and eliminate routine activities.

Increase participation with AnyIdea

Increase participation

Ease of use
and social features encourage
interaction and motivate.

Increase acceptance with AnyIdea

Increase acceptance

communication creates the
necessary transparency.

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Use potentials

Data-driven results
and digitised processes improve decisions.


Because innovation matters for your entire

Activate your organisation and increase your innovative power.

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