Predictive Machine Learning" research project

Successful innovation management

AnyIdea as a SaaS solution for successful innovation management and open innovation has the goal of simply making companies and especially SMEs more innovative. This is precisely why we have started a research project and want to go a decisive step further. Because global competition and digitalisation are forcing companies to continuously (discover) something new. And innovations are more important than ever before. But many companies lack good ideas, appropriate processes, digital support and the necessary time and resources. AnyIdea helps companies in the sense of Open Innovation to get more ideas and to recognise ideas with potential. Several customers in Austria, Italy and other European countries are already benefiting from this. To take successful innovation management to the next level, we have started a research project together with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), which is funded with a high six-figure sum. With this, we are setting a new milestone in the further development and orientation of AnyIdea in the direction of "Predictive".

Concentrated research power

The FFG strengthens Austria as a location for research and innovation. The research project, which is scheduled to run for several years, aims to be able to predict innovations and map them accordingly. With the use of "predictive" machine learning algorithms, relevant fields of innovation are to be identified and predicted on a company-specific basis. For this purpose, company-specific data such as industries, market, products, technologies, search fields and the competition are analysed and aggregated. Taking into account external data such as patents, trends, publications, scientific papers, start-ups, etc., statistical and mathematical methods as well as algorithms are used to uncover and derive patterns, correlations and trends. With this project, AnyIdea is taking a considerable step towards the future. In addition to the FFG, we have strong research partners on board with the FH Hagenberg and the FH Campus 02 in Graz. This merger creates a concentrated research force.

Our partners in detail

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the central organisation for the promotion and financing of research, development and innovation in Austria. In this way, the FFG sustainably strengthens Austria as a location for innovation in global competition.

With its faculty in Hagenberg, FH Oberösterreich focuses on computer science, communication and media. In Hagenberg, Austria's Silicon Valley, research focuses on software technology and applications as well as information and communication systems for a digital, innovative future. At Softwarepark Hagenberg, research, education and business have been closely linked since 1989. Due to the proximity and the technical focus, we have maintained contacts with Hagenberg for years and many of our employees completed their studies at the FH.

As a university of applied sciences for business, FH CAMPUS02 in Graz trains academic entrepreneurs as well as specialists and managers for business. Research here means "problem-oriented solution competence, structured analytical procedures and innovative approaches". The FH's research focuses complement the project in the areas of automation technology, innovation management and business informatics.

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