Automated communication

What messages does AnyIdea send?

AnyIdea supports you with automated communication and thus creates the necessary transparency. Your scouts, stakeholders etc. are informed and always up-to-date and you can concentrate on the essentials. Automated communication is a fixed component of the AnyIdea Core Module and affects all modules based on it: Foresight, Ideation and Realisation.

Automatically generated notifications (extract):

User Management

  • Invitation to AnyIdea (incl. reminder)

Campaigns and ideas

  • Invitation to a campaign as a scout and evaluator (incl. reminder)
  • Confirmation to idea provider when submitting an idea
  • Information to idea providers on received likes, comments and ratings
  • New ideas in a campaign (summary every 3 days)
  • Comments and discussion on a campaign
  • Status and KPIs of a campaign at mid-term (for campaign managers)
  • Reminder for idea providers to send ideas for a campaign (10 or 14 days before campaign end)
  • Reminder for evaluators to evaluate ideas (10 days before campaign end for evaluators and campaign managers)
  • Summary of a campaign at the end of the campaign
  • Information to idea providers when a submitted idea goes into implementation


  • Invitation to a project (incl. reminder)
  • Change project status
  • New comments and activities in the project
  • Project status and due dates (3 days before planned date)
  • Information when project deadlines are exceeded (3 and 10 days after due date)

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