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AnyIdea is a digital innovation platform consisting of six powerful modules or layers and their interaction. The modules Foresight, Ideation and Realisation and the two layers for data and artificial intelligence.

AnyIdea Platform Overview and Core
AnyIdea Platform Overview and Module Core       

Core module

"Core" is the basic module of AnyIdea. It is available to all other modules and layers, works with them and manages the following tasks:

Communication and transparency

Communication and transparency are absolutely critical to success for four reasons:

  1. Transparency for idea providers
    Idea providers need to know how their ideas are doing, how popular they are and what happens to their ideas.
  2. Be up-to-date
    Everyone needs to be informed accordingly and know when there are new relevant trends, interesting developments or new ideas in campaigns, for example.
  3. Traceability of decisions
    By ensuring the necessary transparency, it is absolutely comprehensible why one sees more potential in certain trends and deals with them more intensively or why, for example, individual ideas are implemented and others remain in the idea pool until further notice.
  4. Interaction and exchange
    New ideas and innovations often emerge through networking, discussion and exchange. AnyIdea encourages active interaction by keeping all stakeholders informed and involved in the process.


  • Invitations to AnyIdea, search fields or specific campaigns,
  • All user memories,
  • Updates on new relevant foresight topics such as trends or signals,
  • Notification of new campaigns and campaign updates
  • Status information e.g. new ideas, number of ideas when half the campaign duration has been reached, evaluation of ideas, project progress etc.,
  • and much more.

Social features and notifications

Quick, simple and familiar "social features" such as Likes, Relevant or Comment options are essential for encouraging interaction between all participants to achieve active engagement.


Gamification maps the points system, the entire gamification logic with regard to individual campaigns and users (across campaigns) and all associated notifications.


You can concentrate on the essentials! AnyIdea takes care of reminders, notifications, campaign start and end dates and much more to free you from tedious routine tasks.


AnyIdea can be customised to a certain extent. Specific settings and processes such as own CI and design, points for gamification, notifications, AD connection for SingleSignOn (SSO) etc. are managed by the Core module.

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