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Companies are faced with countless challenges, which they have to meet continuously with new innovations. In such a fast-moving, digital age, with an unmanageable amount of data, this is anything but easy.


AnyIdea is a digital innovation platform with the aim of making companies more sustainable, future-proof and competitive.

It is cloud-based, you don't have to install anything or implement anything elaborately.
You can get started immediately and you automatically benefit from ongoing updates and new functions.

The core of AnyIdea is formed by six powerful modules and layers and their interaction.

Foresight module

The Foresight module helps you discover new relevant potentials and better assess possible future scenarios . It provides access to recognised trends and millions of data. With state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, you have a strong helping hand at your side. More details on Foresight.

Ideation module

It doesn't matter if it's about iterative improvements or the next big innovation. With AnyIdea Ideation, you activate your entire organisation and get fresh ideas and solutions to problems. Integrate customers, suppliers and external experts in the spirit of co-creation. Even completely public campaigns and challenges are no longer a problem with AnyIdea. More details on Ideation.

Realisation module

Use the opinion of your idea providers, let stakeholders and experts evaluate. Digitally supported, intuitive, easy to use and time-saving. With the third module, Realisation, you can see the results and the potential of ideas in the idea portfolio. You have an overview at all times and can take the next steps with a well-founded decision. More details on Realisation.

Layer for data and artificial intelligence

The data and AI layers are available to all modules and actively support them. Especially in the foresight process, they play an essential role and give you a 100% data-driven assessment by the AI.

AnyIdea Core Module

The sixth module manages all communication, notifications and automates to free you from tedious routine tasks.

Secure decisive competitive advantages with AnyIdea and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

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