Getting Started

Invite team members and user management

It's time to invite more users to AnyIdea. In this video you will see how to do this in a few simple steps.

Video: Team and user management

Log in to AnyIdea and check whether you are an administrator or manager. You will see your role at the top right, under the name of your account.

User management

Users in the main menu takes you to the general user administration.

  • You can manage idea providers under the Scouts tab.  
  • Under the Manager tab, you can manage both managers and administrators.  

Administrators, managers and scouts

To invite colleagues:

  1. In the main menu, go to Users
  2. click on Add User
  3. enter first name, last name and email
  4. select the desired role (Admins, Managers, Users)

‍Youcan invite as many admins, managers or users as you like, there is no limit.

In the Status column you can see which person accepted your invitation, registered and who did not.

Add interested parties and responsible persons from the different areas and departments. For example, from Research and Development, Product Management, Innovation Management, HR, Marketing, Customer Service or Success Teams. In this way, you ensure that something is moving and that you get your company's innovation capability off the ground. In the spirit of the open innovation approach, we recommend that you also include external perspectives, for example from customers, suppliers, partners or universities.


Administrators can manage managers, scouts (idea creators) and also other administrators. For example, adjust permissions, delete and add users. Admins have access to the entire platform, all modules, content and functions and can make company-wide settings such as gamification, innovation classes, etc. There must be at least one and can be any number of administrators per account.


Managers can manage existing scouts and add new ones. Like admins, they have access to the entire platform, all modules and functions. They can start campaigns, but they do not see all of them, only the campaigns they created themselves and the ones they were invited to. The permissions for the Ideation and Realization modules are subsequently controlled via the campaigns.


Users have access only to campaigns to which they have been invited. The user can be assigned to a specific role depending on the campaign. Depending on the authorization, this user can either manage campaigns, evaluate ideas or submit ideas.

By default, AnyIdea automatically sends invitation e-mails to newly added users. The data entered is automatically adopted. The users only have to choose a password and can start immediately. If you would like to send a personal e-mail to the users yourself, deactivate the checkbox "Send invitation". Please note that in this case no data can be taken over and pre-filled when your users register.

csv upload, Single Sign On and AD connection

If you would like to add many contacts, it is possible to upload a list of contacts in the form of a .csv file to simplify matters. You will find information on this and a sample file to download.

Furthermore, it is possible to create all employees in AnyIdea completely automatically and to keep them up-to-date. With an AD connection, a so-called Active Directory connection. In this case, users can also use a Single Sign On. This means that they are logged into AnyIdea with the same login data from their PC or laptop. Even in the case of an AD connection, you can add further users at any time, e.g. external contacts from suppliers, customers or universities.

Internal communication

Before inviting many users, it is advisable to send out information internally about your project and the use of AnyIdea, e.g. personal e-mail, intranet, newsletter, etc. This helps to ensure that all potentially participating users are informed and sensitised when they receive invitations and notifications from AnyIdea. In this way you create trust and increase acceptance among your colleagues!

Whitelisting AnyIdea

Inform your IT department, help desk or service desk about the use of AnyIdea.

  1. If you invite several hundreds of users and AnyIdea sends invitation and info emails, these should not be blocked by the internal IT!
    To ensure that e-mails are not blocked or end up in the spam folder and appear to your colleagues as a trustworthy source, the domain should be released by the internal IT for security, a so-called whitelisting (release in central spam filters with regard to the firewall). This ensures that all users receive the e-mails.
  2. If users have questions about AnyIdea, mails, links, etc., it is not unlikely that they will contact the internal help or service desk, if one is available. It is advisable to inform the help desk about the use of AnyIdea so that they know about it.

Search, filter and sort

A search, sorting options and filters are available for easy user management. Start now and invite more contacts to AnyIdea.

Tips and tricks

  • If users experience display problems in AnyIdea, this is most likely due to the activated browser setting "Automatic translation" or "Browser translation". This function should be deactivated accordingly for proper functionality.
  • If a user clicks on links in e-mails from AnyIdea and receives the message "Link invalid", this is most likely because the links are automatically shortened by your e-mail programme. If this is the case, please inform us at We will coordinate with your IT department accordingly.

Email invitation not arrived? 

In this case you have 3 options: 

  1. Check SPAM folder
  2. persons to send an invitation again. To do this, first select the people you want to invite again and choose the action Send invitation again.
  3. If none of these options work, contact our support

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