Product Updates
Q2 2022

Foresight: data and AI layers

This product update is one of the most important milestones for our Foresight module in AnyIdea. It enables us to support you even better with data and insights and artificial intelligence for foresight activities in the future.

Foresight Module

The Foresight module is integrated into the AnyIdea platform and supports you in making the right decisions on strategically important issues:

  • To identify future relevant developments and discover new potentials.
  • Identify and weigh up possible future scenarios.
  • Make comprehensible and informed decisions and take the right actions.

AnyIdea actively supports this process with sound data and insights "data layer" and artificial intelligence "AI layer". These two layers are the result of a two-year research project with FH Hagenberg and FFG Austria and have now been successfully rolled out and activated in the infrastructure and the AnyIdea platform in the course of this product update. They will be continuously developed and expanded and form the basis for all future functions of the Foresight module in AnyIdea.

Data Layer

In addition to generally valid trends, AnyIdea continuously and fully automatically collects and aggregates millions of diverse data records and signals for the categories below. From relevant and recognised data sources, databases and the World Wide Web. This data is intelligently processed, categorised and correlated using the latest machine learning technologies.

Data categories in Foresight

  • Trends
  • StartUps and ScaleUps

Upcoming 2022

  • Patents
  • Research projects
  • Scientific publications
  • News sources
  • Technologies

Base important decisions on data-driven insights from the Foresight Module.

KI Layer

The machine learning technologies & methods in combination with the intelligent algorithms of artificial intelligence transform data into valuable knowledge and help you to recognise future developments, their correlations and importance. You can identify possible future scenarios, prepare for them, take the necessary actions and use them to your competitive advantage.

The AI layer is based on the data layer and has access to all data contained therein. The AI recognizes correlations, analyzes, weights, prioritizes and calculates an individual priority score for your company, the so-called AI Prio Score.

With this AI Prio Score, you receive an assessment calculated by artificial intelligence regarding the relevance of trends and data in relation to your company. Thus, in addition to the assessments and evaluations of all stakeholders, you have a 100% data-driven assessment by the artificial intelligence.

Prioritisation Score with artificial intelligence
Example AI Prio Score in the AnyIdea Demo Account.
Based on trends and the AI scout for "Intralogistic Solutions".

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