Product Updates
Q2 2022

Artificial intelligence and AI scouts

The Foresight module has an AI layer that is based on the data layer and links, weights, evaluates and prioritises all data from this layer. This gives you a 100% data-driven assessment and prioritisation by artificial intelligence with regard to the trends and data relevant to you, your teams and your company. You can find more details here.

AI Scouts

The calculations of the artificial intelligence are based on so-called AI scouts, which you can manage independently in AnyIdea. With your AI scouts, you give the artificial intelligence an orientation and view in which context data is analyzed. From this, an AI Prio Score is calculated and derived, which supports you in further decisions.

Your AI scouts continuously collect new data for you, prepare it, evaluate it and actively inform you of relevant results and changes. Depending on the selected data, your AI scouts consider and include startups, research projects, scientific publications, patents, technologies and news.

AI scouts are suitable for strategy and business development, technology-related departments such as research & development (R&D), product management as well as human resources (HR), marketing and sales. You can send one or more AI scouts on a journey for different areas and have them work for you.

Base data

Foresight profile artificial intelligence with basic data
Base data company as a basis for AI scouts


Foresight profile for artificial intelligence
Example: Overview AI scouts based on trends

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