Product Updates

Relevance of ideas and status

In the idea overview as well as in the detailed view of ideas you will now find the button or icon "Relevant". This allows you to easily mark promising ideas as relevant.

  • You and your colleagues can thus pre-select ideas very quickly.
  • You can filter relevant ideas as well as sort the idea overview according to them.
  • You can mark ideas as relevant, e.g. to indicate to your evaluators which ideas should be evaluated. This is especially advisable if you have received many ideas for your campaign. Evaluators can filter for relevant ideas, do not have to evaluate the totality of ideas received, which can be very time-consuming, and find their way around right away.
Idea relevance and management
Relevant ideas

Status of ideas

The idea statuses have been adjusted to make the evaluation process as simple and clear as possible. The new statuses are "Sent", "Not Relevant", "In Progress", "Ideas Pool" and "Project". The idea status is visible to all campaign participants (including scouts), but can only be changed by campaign members.

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