Product Updates
Q1 2022

Launch campaigns in connection with trends

Relevant trends

You have identified important trends for yourself in AnyIdea and want to start the next steps in this regard? This is now very easy, you can start campaigns directly from the trends. In terms of a consistent innovation platform, the respective trends are linked to your campaigns - transparency and traceability. You can see which campaigns already exist for a trend and which results and insights have been gained from them.

  1. This gives you an overview of the extent to which work has already been done on relevant trends and is currently being done.
  2. It shows you the direction of activities and campaigns that have already been launched.
  3. It prevents similar campaigns from being initiated.
  4. It speeds up the process by allowing you to draw on results that are already available and use them for your own benefit.

Campaign creation

When you are in the detailed view of a trend, go to the top right and click on the button "Create campaign". All relevant data of the trend will automatically be transferred to the campaign and you can adapt it according to your requirements. This saves you time and work when creating the campaign.

Start campaign from trend
Launch campaigns in connection with trends

Inspiration Idea generator

Outlook Inspiration: An important point on our roadmap Q3 2022 is the inspiration and support of your scouts who participate in a campaign. By linking trends and campaigns, we are able to show your scouts highly relevant micro trends and examples in a campaign, thus inspiring them to think outside the box.

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