Product Updates
Q2 2022

Trend management and AI scouts

If you work with trends and data in AnyIdea, you can now use them in conjunction with our AI Scouts and their AI Prio Score.

You can see two areas in the top right of the example below (Trends).

  1. Selection AI Scout
    In the selection option on the right, you can select the desired AI Scout. The relevancies calculated based on the scout in conjunction with the data presented (here trends) are visualized in the respective entries in the list around the AI Prio Score.

    In the screenshot you can see that the macro trend "Machine Sensing" has a relevance or priority of 98% calculated by the artificial intelligence on the basis of the AI Scout for "Intralogistic Solutions".
  2. Sorting theresults
    You can sort the results according to different criteria. Accordingly, also according to the AI Prio Score calculated by the AI.
trend management with foresight profiles
AI Scout and Sort Trends by AI Prio Score

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