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Foresight: Trends available in AnyIdea

Mega, macro and micro trends

Foresight Trends gives you access to over >52,000 mega, macro, micro trends. With easy scouting and trend management, you discover relevant trends, identify their potential and find new opportunities for your business in no time.

Scouting and trend management

  • 17 megatrends, 109 macro trends and more than 50,000 micro trends and use cases.
  • The usual functions such as searching, sorting or filtering trends are also available in the Trends section.
  • Trends also offers the practical user-specific Quick Filter.
  • Views: List and grid view
  • Relevance: Mark important trends as relevant and see which trends your colleagues consider important.
Trend management in AnyIdea
Trends and Management:
Search, Quick Filter, Filters, Sorting and Views

Trend evaluation and trend portfolio

Evaluate important trends together with your colleagues according to the following criteria

  1. Competence
    The experience and expertise in-house regarding a trend.
  2. Potential
    The expected potential of the trend in relation to your company and the market.
  3. Time to Impact
    The time until when this trend will be relevant to the market and to you.

The results of the trend evaluation are clearly presented in the details of the individual trends and also in the trend portfolio. The trend portfolio provides you with an overview of all evaluated trends and their results. You can see at a glance where there is a need for action and what potential lies behind the respective trends.

Evaluation of trends and trend portfolio
Trend portfolio: Visualisation and overview of relevant trends

Stay up-to-date

With AnyIdea, you no longer run after the latest trends, technologies, etc., but they actively come to you. AnyIdea automatically scouts countless sources, databases and pages for you and informs you about new updates and developments - in general and in particular about the topics that are important and relevant for you.

weekly updates with new trends
Weekly updates on new microtrends, technologies, developments and use cases

Introduction to Trends - Video

For more details on Foresight and Trends, see the Foresight module here.

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