Getting Started

Settings: Profile and company


In this video, let's familiarise ourselves with the management of your user profile and your company's account. 

User profile

To do this, let's go to the top right and click on the name. You will see two profiles in the list.

At the top you will find your own personal Scout profile. Below that is the account, the profile of the company to which you are assigned as administrator.

At the top right you will always see which profile you are currently working with. By default, you are logged in with the profile you last worked with.

When you select your personal scout profile, you can, for example, see campaigns they have been invited to, send ideas or view other ideas.

Company account

When you go to your company's profile, as an administrator you have full access to all modules, functions and settings. Maintain the basic information for your company. To do this, select the Settings button at the top right of the company account.

If you have received a voucher from a partner or the AnyIdea Customer Success Team, you can enter it in the overview on the right.    

In the overview on the left you can see which plan your company has with AnyIdea. The "Upgrade" button takes you to the overview of AnyIdea's plans and allows you to view them in detail.

Switch to the company settings. Enter the relevant information and a short description in the overview. And upload the logo of your company. This way, other users can easily identify themselves with your company. Click on Save to apply the entries.

Own data

Next, maintain your personal profile. To do this, select the "Profile" button at the top right. You can enter and change your data using the three dots. 

Upload a photo of yourself so that colleagues recognise you immediately. Optionally, enter the department you work in, your position and interests. The respective information will be transferred to the overview accordingly.

Now it's time to invite more team members to AnyIdea!

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